We are an independent fashion brand based in Athens, Greece. The love for design, artistry and sisterhood are our foundations.

In 2021, we opened 

our first fashion atelier & showroom in Athens, where we proudly welcome you! From here we design and realize our collections, exhibit our creations, and receive appointments for custom-made orders too.

Come check it out if you’re nearby!

If not, don’t worry, our online boutique is always up to date with our latest creations so that SOLONG can come to you!

Our work is inspired by

contemporary individuals who are not afraid to be themselves, stand for their beliefs and learn by doing. After all, clothes aren’t going to change the world, the people who wear them will. SOLONG is a farewell and a reminder that it’s ok to say goodbye to what’s restraining but always remember to hold on to what’s good!


100% designed and made in-house

We love to create as an independent team. Our collections are 100% designed and made in-house, giving us the chance to experiment with different techniques and have control over the whole production process. After all, art and artistry are one (techne) in Greek philosophy and in our hearts!

We support slow fashion. We commit to create unique pieces you’ll love and which will add value to your existing wardrobe with their quality and timelessness.

The SOLONG range is composed by carefully selected smart pieces, such as polymorphic and oversized garments, designed to fit different body types and occasions. We think flexible, aiming to create comfortable and accessible pieces, offering you effortlessly elegant, day-to-night outfits.

In addition to our main clothing lines, we will be featuring a limited series of one-of-a-kind garments and handmade accessories available after pre-order. Stay tuned!


Founder and owner of SOLONG

Ioanna has studied Fashion Design, with a thesis on the influence of Arts & Crafts in High Fashion. She has assisted in various fashion shows in Athens, including AXDW, Bridal Fashion Week and Oscar de la Renta exclusive show.

She has experience in theatre costume design, being part of a team working on the El Greco Opera costumes, that took place at the municipal theatre of Piraeus in 2016.

Passionate about the tailor-made aspect of fashion, Ioanna has been designing and producing made-to-measure garments and handmade accessories since 2016 starting out with her home as a studio. Working with individual clients on evening wear to wedding gowns proved to be very fulfilling, as well as a great way to learn and grow as a designer and tailor.

Starting her very own brand has been a dream in the works since she was a student. Now she can proudly share this new venture with you!

Venetia (yes, we are sisters!) has studied Architecture in Milan with a focus on tactical urbanism, while she has been part of numerous self-construction architecture workshops around Italy. She has participated in Milan Design week 2017 with a project on the fusion between architectural structures and wearable fashion. This experience has pushed her to further explore how the design principles found in architecture can be manifested through fashion.

Experimenting with macrame and weaving techniques, Venetia creates handmade accessories in conversation with the clothes, as well as graphic designs for our clothing embroidery.